10 Easy Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 1 month ago)

Keyboard shortcuts can be a very handy way to save yourself time and effort when you’re doing everything from editing a Word document to browsing the internet. Here is a short guide to 10 easy keyboard short cuts and what they can help you to do.

  1. CTRL + C

Copy- this will not remove the original text.

  1. CTRL + X

Cut- when used whilst writing text, this will remove the original text and place it somewhere else.

  1. CTRL + V

Paste- once you have used copy or paste on text, the paste command is used to place it elsewhere.

  1. CTRL + Z

Undo- this will undo the last change you made.

  1. Shift + Delete

This command will delete an item permanently, bypassing the Recycle Bin completely, so be careful.

  1. CTRL + A

Select All- very useful for moving or editing large amounts of files or data.

  1. CTRL + ESC

This will bring the Start menu up to display.

  1. ALT + F4

Quits the active program or item.

  1. F3

Search the folder, file or page.

  1. CTRL + W

Closes the current active tab or file.


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