1 billion people use the Gmail Android app

Posted by: Jennifer Cefai (4 years, 2 months ago)

Gmail has just been confirmed to be the largest Web-based email service in the world. According to Android Police, Gmail's Android app has reached the one billion download mark on the Google Play Store. The website noted that the tally includes accounts rather than total number of downloads or devices using the app. Some of these accounts could very well be abandoned or duplicate, but one billion definitely establishes Gmail's place well ahead of its competitors. The last most recent figure came in 2012, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 had launched with Jelly Bean, and the number of users was reported as 425 million. 

The figure has reached these heights because Gmail now comes preinstalled on Android phones. Considering 81 percent of the 279.4 million smartphones sold globally are of the Android variety, that's a huge contribution to the total number. According to Appbrain, the app hit the one billion mark on May 6, and is closely followed by a number of other apps, most of them Google-based. Look out for Facebook creeping towards the Finish Line.

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